Gas Plus is one of the group concerns of Jiwani Trading Company situated in Karachi, Pakistan. Our excellent quality, unmatched service, dedicated logistic support and competitive price, Gas Plus has been catering to the needs of Domestic, Commercial and Industrial segments with fullest customer satisfaction through its authorized distributors throughout Karachi.

With a long term product supply agreement with LPG Importer M/s. Pakistan State Oil Company Ltd, Gas Plus can ensure an uninterrupted supply of LPG to meet the needs of customers. Gas Plus provides not only good quality of LPG but also a dedicated service for delivering cylinders to the consumers


Continuing to portray excellence and responsible delivery through customer satisfaction, great quality, and timely delivery.


Providing LPG services that are not only functional but responsible because your safety is our number one concern.


Gas Plus LPG is highly energy efficient and safe to use. Save big on both fuel costs as well as…

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Domestic / Residential

Bringing functionality and security with high-quality LPG to your doorsteps. Enjoy accessible and quick service delivery with Gas Plus.

Commercial / Restaurant

Gas Plus is the perfect choice for your commercial establishments, such as restaurants and eateries with cost-effective and high-quality LPG.


Enjoy cost-effective heating and power systems for your machinery with the versatility and durability of Gas Plus LPG.

Customer Safety

LPG is a colorless liquid that evaporates into a gas. It has no smell but an odor is added to it, for detecting a leak. It is heavier than air and can accumulate in low lying areas in case of inadequate ventilation. Below are the prescribed safety tips to be adopted by all customers using LPG.
  • Always keep cylinders in an upright position.
  • Keep kitchen windows open to allow for ventilation.
  • Always turn the Regulator valve off when cylinder is not in use.
  • Check for gas leaks regularly by applying a soap solution to the cylinder. In the event soap bubbles begin to form, this indicates a leak. Turn off the regulator, disconnect the cylinder and return it to your distributor.
  • Do not check for leaks using matches or an open flame.


Why Choose Gas Plus


We provide a monthly order summary so you can track your inventory.


We supply gas in four capacity 5kg, 10kg, 11.8kg and 45.4kg with the shortest possible delivery time.


Monthly gas return summary.


We follow proper safety procedures while installing and delivering.


We make sure that your cylinders are in the best condition.


Bulk storage facilities Installation based on customer requirements.

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